Can You Be Allergic To Broccoli?

When it comes to eating something nutritious, healthy, tasty and easily available food, then broccoli comes in top products. There is no doubt that broccoli is full of numerous health benefits which can make you eat healthily. Adding broccoli to your routine can provide Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium, and Folate.

However, the excess amount is not that good, and there are few issues that can appear. One of the most asked questions that you can easily find online is, is it possible for people to have allergic reactions to broccoli? Well, it depends upon many factors. Let’s start by knowing the symptoms and learning more about the allergy.

Common Symptoms

The first fact about broccoli allergy is rareness. Yes, it is very rare and very few people face the issue. Due to this reason, it remains mostly undetected. There are some simple methods to ensure whether it is broccoli allergy causing all the issues or not.

  • The broccoli allergy can cause skin rashes, and it can appear in the early stage of allergy.
  • The other impact and the significant symptom is swelling of the face which can increase lately. 
  • Many people have reported difficulty while breathing and it is found common among broccoli allergenic people. 
  • It is not that life-threatening, but there are a few causes and situations when it is getting life-threatening and causing numerous issues.
  • Itching on your skin or the tingling in your mouth a very common. Even the skin rash and urticaria is commonly found too.
  • If your lips and hands are swelling along with the feet, then the allergy is behind this issue and causing more swelling.
  • Nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, headache, breathing difficulty, giddiness and much more.

You can easily find these symptoms, and if you are someone facing the same issues, then there is a need for taking treatment to rip off the issues in the early stage.

The Reason behind Allergy

The common reason found in a study that when someone comes in the contact of chemical which is sprayed on broccoli to prevent it from pesticides, then the allergy begin. You may be wondering what you haven't eaten much broccoli in a lifetime then how you are facing the allergy. Well, it doesn't matter whether the broccoli enters your body or your skin just touch is for few seconds, you can get conflicted by allergy.


In case, the allergy just begins causing the issue, and you want to get rid of it then there are some easy to rely upon the solution that can help in it.

  • If you are eating something that has broccoli, then eat histamine.
  • The application of Aloe Vera can help in the prevention of rash. 
  • Apply a paste of aloe vera for 15 minutes to get better results.
  • The injectable epinephrine is one of effective treatment. 

These are all the solutions that you can try out. It will be better to consult with a doctor so that you don’t face many issues.

Health Guru